B. Writes

Faith based content that was created to be relatable internationally.  B has studied several cultures and foreign languages with the desire to understand others from various backgrounds in the hopes of giving to others encouragement, hope and even knowledge of other cultures through her speaking and writing.

B has a background in extensive classical ballet and has danced a variety of other styles from bollywood, salsa, samba and even NFL cheerleading.  While dancing most of her life, writing is something B picked up at only eight years old.  She discovered the possibility of one day becoming an author through consecutive trips to the bookstore and library with her mom as a child.  The bookstore to this day gives B a feeling that is hard to describe.  It’s a synchrodestiny – meant to be feeling.

Lastly, B’s writing foundation is her faith.  B was raised Catholic and considers herself a Believer/Christian.  B believes in the power of faith and daily conversations with God, also known as prayer.  You will learn more on her faith through her various writings.  As B includes Faith in majority of her writing projects, fiction and nonfiction.